The Makeover is a distinctly traditional love story set in a decidedly non-traditional milieu of BDSM and shifting gender.
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``The Makeover`` is a distinctly traditional love story set in a decidedly non-traditional milieu of shifting gender. Tom is an aging conservative policy wonk who is learning to embrace his feminine, alter ego persona, Giselle. Both Tom and Giselle are in relationship with cisgender Elizabeth Taylor; once a nuclear power instructor with the US Navy turned makeover artist for the trans community. This unlikely trio finds the courage to love and accept one another for who they truly are ... as a man, a woman, and sometimes both.
a traditional love story
set in a decidedly non-traditional milieu
“Meeting Beth, falling in love with Beth and having her as a partner made the difference between things being forbidden,
oppressed and anxiety producing to joy producing.”
It’s actually wonderful to be able to do the things I like to do
...in whatever mode I feel like doing them.
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sarah park
Sarah Park is a director, cinematographer, editor, and producer based in Washington DC. Sarah Park is a short form documentary filmmaker who specializes in extreme expedition projects. Most notably, Sarah has been partnered with National Geographic Magazine, National Geographic TV for Wild Chronicles where she served as field cinematographer for shoots in India, Burma, Iceland, Antarctica, and Patagonia. Additionally, Sarah provides film, content, and editorial services for several broadcasting and corporate clients such as Sodexo; Burson Marstellar; Glaxco, Smith Kline; Ford Motor Company; Patients Like Me; Biosimillar Council Group; CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation); BBC.
jane pittman
jane pittman
Jane Pittman is an award winning director, cinematographer and editor based in Washington DC. Her extensive repertoire of short films, feature documentaries and educational/training videos, has appeared on PBS and film festivals throughout the world. (Coming Back To The Hoop, This is How Time Passes, Prophets Rising, In Your Hands). Coming Back To The Hoop is in distribution with Random Media and was selected for the inaugural Bentonville Film Festival in 2015. Jane's films are also distributed nationally by Films Media Group, a distributor of social interest educational programming. With a master's degree in music, Jane's work follows a distinct rhythm, lending her films a unique artistic touch.